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Integ Metals started out way back in 2002 as a small engineering firm. It was through our experiences as an SME Engineering business that we came to be who we are today- for better, or worse!

The engineering firm was started as a small run and batch engineering workshop, making one-offs and bespoke parts in a variety of metals and composites. As with any other SME engineering firm, we realized early on that a decent supply of materials from trusted companies is as imperative to a business as turning up for work in the morning. Unfortunately, some days, we may as well not have bothered! After spending days on the telephone trying to find suppliers and wholesalers to buy from, all we were met by was a wall of uselessness. Companies that were small pretended to be too big, companies that were big had nothing to pretend about, apparently.

One memorable call was made to a supplier that deals in almost every material you can think of, and whilst they claimed to be friendly, helpful and welcoming, they really weren't. As an engineering company, we had an order in to make a large-ish number of Titanium bicycle parts. As we didn't have a Titanium supplier at the time, we started to call around, and were recommended to try said wholesaler. We were in two minds at the time as to whether we would use Grade 5 Titanium, or look towards the enhanced corrosion resistance of Grade 9. The answer from the representative of the firm replied that we were better off to go and buy ready made similar items, and pass them off as our own!

Having relayed these experiences to contacts gained in the world of Carbon Fibre whilst working on a different project, we hoped that as these people said that they had had similar issues and would do all they could to help, we were dismayed that these guys were just talking a good game. After numerous phone calls and many apologies, our order never came to fruition. That's when we started looking elsewhere.

Over the years, we were hearing similar stories from many other associates and started to do our bit by ordering materials for others from our new-found suppliers. Over time this grew, until we were getting calls and emails almost daily as the word spread of our services. There was only one logical thing to do- become a supplier ourselves and pass on the fuss free savings for everyone.

As you may well know, individual countries don't manufacture and sell every type of metal themselves. Where we come in, is that we have foundry and mill relationships in China, Japan, India, Russia, Australia, Canada, the USA, Germany, and many other countries, including (And, of course, especially) here in the UK. This means that if it is made, anywhere in the world, we are able to source it for you. In the same vane, we have manufacturing partnerships in just as many countries, so if you are looking to outsource a single order to be manufactured, or for a manufacturer from now on, we will be able to help you.

We are all from engineering backgrounds where some specialize in areas that others don't, and vice-versa. What this means for you is that amongst ourselves, there shouldn't be a query that we can't handle, and a product we can't supply.

Further to our ethos of wanting to help: from those that have been in the industry for a long time but need something out of their comfort zone, or for absolute beginners, we compiled all of the information and knowledge we could pool together in to easy to use downloadable PDF's that you are welcome to download for reference. All that we ask is that you don't reproduce it for commercial gain, or try to pass the work of as your own- many fingers bled in the typing, and bald patches were enlarged by the head-scratching whilst putting these together!

We do hope that you have found our background interesting and have felt that it struck a chord with the way you like to do business. If so, we look forward to hearing from you soon!



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